Diabetes? Want Relief?

Are you suffering with diabetes and some of the diabetic side effects like neuropathy?

Do you take medications for your condition?

Have you tried to change your diet and you have no improvement in your condition?

Has your doctor told you that your diabetes is under control with the diabetic medications?

Do you think it is possible to reverse your diabetes?

Do you realize the number of diabetics in the United States grows every year?

If medications were the easy answer, why do you think the diabetic population continues to suffer and grow?

Are you really allowing yourself to play Russian roulette with your own life using medications that have serious side effects?

Have you read in the news that certain medications approved by the FDA and some that are not approved are on the market causing death, heart attack and even stroke in people with diabetes?

You may know that diabetes causes hormonal changes in both men and women and leads to serious damage of your cardiovascular system called P.A.D. which leads to less than normal blood flow carrying oxygen to your arms and legs and more seriously your brain.

Common side effects of Diabetes and PAD are the following:

Heart Disease                         Neuropathy

Stroke                                      Fatigue

Inability to lose weight         Fatigue after meals

Insomnia                                 Fungal Toe Nails

Amputation of limbs due to gangrenous lesions

Hormonal changes, ie.  Men gain estrogen dominance and become weaker

Women may grow hair on their lip and/or lose hair on their head.

Men:  Erectile dysfunction

Women:  Inability to become pregnant

Are you ready to take control of your life?

Would you be willing to change your habits and finally get healthy?

You could learn what is going on with your body, how to correct your metabolism, reverse the damage to your nervous system, decrease inflammation, stop the disease from progressing to your 1st or 2nd heart attack and/or 1st or 2nd stroke …and possibly decrease the amount of medications you are taking –if not even stop taking some of them – So, after watching this 1 hour video and you begin to understand some of what must be done to help you then call 954-370-3100 and schedule your consultation and examination.

To save your life, call 954-370-3100 and ask to schedule your consultation.  And find out if you can get accepted into the most Comprehensive Diabetic Relief Program.

*By entering your phone number, one of my staff will be calling you to schedule a limmited $50 consultation/examination and review of all labs from previous doctors.